Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and can be natural or man  made.  Most disasters come at a moments notice, when its inconvienent, and with little warning. You can quickly find yourself with a tornado bearing down on your community or being caught at work when rioting breaks out over the latest political unrest.

One of the first things I learned as a soldier is to know your enemy so you can defeat them. So I believe it is imparative to know what disasters you might face in the area where you live and work so you understand what you are facing when it matters the most.

Some of these disasters I'm about to disscuss might not apply to where you live and work but I still encourage you to take the time to read about them. I also want to encourage you to read the article on disaster planning. It is impartiave to prepare and to have a plan of action that you have practiced. Remeber there are two types of people in a disaster those who survive and those who perish.
In the blink of an eye disaster can strike and the choices you make can either save your life or be your destruction.