1. Talking to Your Family about Preparedness
    03 Aug, 2016
    Talking to Your Family about Preparedness
    The biggest preparedness challenge some of us will ever face is convincing our loved ones to get on board with our preparedness planning. We've all seen that look when you explain to a visiting realitive about why you have two years worth of food in buckets or why your teaching your children how to use a firearm. So whether it’s convincing your immediate family about the importance of prepping, or talking to extended family and friends about why they need to prepare, the conversation is
  2. The First 60 Minutes
    10 Apr, 2018
    The First 60 Minutes
    There is a lot of speculation on when a Major SHTF is gonna happen and what its gonna be. I personally believe planning for the big one is smart, but we are more likely to be caught up in a smaller event so I plan for those. I'm gonna share with you the things I believe you should do in the first sixty minutes of any SHTF.  In this first sixty minutes things you do and do not do will have a profound effect on your chances of a decent survival outcome.  What will you do in the first 60 minutes of
  3. The types of preppers you want to avoid
    21 Apr, 2017
    The types of preppers you want to avoid
    First off forget the lone wolf mentality, no one is going to survive a SHTF on their own. The best way to prepare for disaster and survival is to build a community for strength in numbers.  This is why a lot of people are being proactive and joining survival communities.  Aside from strengthening our resources and security together, there is also a lot to learn from other preppers. However, there are some types of preppers who won’t just drive you crazy, but could put your life at risk. We've
  4. Leadership: Turning a group into a Team
    15 Dec, 2016
    Leadership: Turning a group into a Team
    As a prepper, you have to understand that you are a leader. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young or if you’re surrounded by family or strangers, YOU are the one who has the knowledge and responsibility to guide others. Truthfully, being a leader is a hundred times harder than being a loner. You might be able to survive on your own for months, but not everyone can. You might be able to walk all day without rest, but not everyone has the same stamina. If you want to be a real leader, you will