Traits we all have them. Some our genetic such as hair color, height, and such. Others are ones we develop over the course of our life. Things such as weight, ambition, integrity, honor, and many others. These traits we develop over our lifetime can either help us or hinder us. We need to look at ourselves honestly and look for room to improve. In this article I'll talk about seven traits that will help you survive a conflict.
What I am getting at is maintaining a healthy body weight and enough muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness to optimize your skills and training. If you can't climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath your going to be useless in a fight or armed conflict. Also if your not healthy you won't be around to guide and teach future generations the skills you possess. 
Life and stress can get in the way of this I understand. Start small go for a walk at the park, do simple push ups and sit-ups. Remember you don't need to be ripped to survive. Set a goal to exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week. 
​This is old school fisticuffs. During the course of your life you are more likely to need to use open hand fighting skills more then you will use a firearm. 
This is also a good way to improve your fitness. Find a style that works for you. A lot of training facilities will let you try their program on a trial basis before commiting to the program. 
Remeber though in a fight things don't go according to a script and they often happen very fast. 
I encourage you to read Col. Jeff Cooper's "Principles of Personal Defense" and take the lessons to heart. There is no better resource I can recommend to live an aware life. 

The lowest level. You are switched off and unaware of what is going on around you and our not ready for anything. Only reason you should be in this state is if you are asleep in a trusted space

You are alert and aware but also calm and relaxed. You are alert to your surroundings and the body language of the people around you. You are alert, but not paranoid. In this state it is difficult to be surprised.

A heightened state of awareness. You sense that something is not right. This is time to evaluate and formulate a plan. Evasion and diffusion are best before it progresses to the next level.

​The fight is on. You are taking immediate and decisive actions. Be ready for this level but I encourage you to avoid this level if possible but be ready for it.
Notice I did not say profiecency I said excellence. Many folks who were proficient with their firearm have died, don't see that many who were excellent hat have died. 
I understand we all can't go to the range twice a week and I get that.  But I don't know anyone who can't go every other week. 
To get to a point of excellence you will need training. Yes I can hear you now - Training is expensive, but it's worth it. If your going to the range without guidance and a plan your just making expensive noise. Make the commitment and save some money to get some training. Their are also some wonderful online resources but make sure you check the persons crdentials. You don't want to be scammed.
For me this was a skill learned over my Army career. From a 9mm pistol to an M-4 I've carried and used a variety of weapons over my career.  You should have a working knowledge of many firearms and should be able to put lead to target with them. If you have friends who own firearms become familiar with them, that way if the time comes you know how to use them. Me and my friends get together once a month where we swap guns and shoot targets and run drills. That way we all get exposure to guns that are not in our arsenal and might be out of our comfort zone.
If you have never failed when training, then you have never pushed yourself to your limit and have been short changing yourself. Never be afraid to take a class on something you don't know and ask questions about what you are learning. Don't become so set in your ways that you are unwilling to embrace change or a new perspective. I make it a point to learn constantly and be open to new ideas. Remember being set in your ways can be one of the biggest roadblocks to maximizing your potential.
It doesn't matter if your an elite marksman or a black belt if you haven't maintained a baseline of skill you are failing. Practice! Practice! Practice! Don't just be vigilant for a terrorist attack after one occurs, be vigilant all the time. Don't just work out when you can't button your pants anymore, make working out part of your routine. Don't wait until you have a break in to come up with a home defense plan, make one now. Lastly, if you can legally carry a gun, carry one everyday and everywhere you legally can. Don't just carry a gun after the next mass shooting headline. Remember your gun is useless if it's not on you.