If you don’t have fake survival food , you just might be setting yourself up for failure in a crisis. The reason for this is that marauders, pillagers, and even possibly your own neighbors can come snooping around your house after a disaster. Studies have shown that most people will steal to eat after going a single day without food. 

It is practically guaranteed that grocery store shelves will be emptied as soon as any major disaster occurs, and if that happens people that did not prepare well. Most will  likely come to steal all the food you have stocked. ​Protecting your food supply is paramount to your survival.
Fake or “decoy'” food is that which you want thieves and pillagers to take. They’ll think they’re making off with your treasure trove of food, when really they won’t have even a fraction of the real goodies.​ Remember to purchase popular survival food brands for your decoy food, such as Mountain House, Legacy Foods, Wise Company, and Survival Cave. These will alert the marauders that this is your survival stash and that they really are leaving you high and dry. They won't waste time doing a more in depth search. 

Now that you understand why you need this fake food in your home, you need to know where to get it. Surprisingly, you do NOT need to spend lots of money (or any, even) to get some fake food. Here’s some ideas of places you can go to get yours:
Discounted areas of grocery stores
Garage sales (canned goods)
Food donation areas
Trash receptacles
Recycling centers
Friends and neighbors

Once you have the food, you should put it in very common places where burglars are bound to look. I’m talking about places like kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantries. You also want to make sure you have a diverse amount of food supply so the marauders think that they’re taking your entire stash.
Now, having real food is incredibly important of course, but if you don’t know how to hide your survival food, you could be setting yourself up for a whole world of hurt. That’s because in a disaster, if people know you’ve got survival food stored up it’ll probably take days before they’re breaking down your door trying to get some for themselves. It’s crucial that you understand how to keep your stuff hidden in order to keep it for yourself and yours. 

​Fake or “decoy'” food is that which you want thieves and pillagers to take. They’ll think they’re making off with your treasure trove of food, when really they won’t have even a fraction of the real goodies.
  1. Old tv
  2. Hidden wall
  3. Under the bed
  4. Vent
1 – In The Box Spring
People might search through your mattress and pillowcases, but few thieves will take the time and hassle to dig through your box spring. This is a great hiding space to store your canned goods.
2 – With The Birds
Unless your burglar is looking for bird food, there’s little chance he/she is going to look in the birdhouse for survival food. Stash small bags of food in here.
3 – Under The Vegetables
If you’ve got a survival garden, you can bet that a thief is going to be there to grab your hard-earned vegetables. However, they’ll likely be so invested in snagging your carrots and tomatoes that they won’t think to dig through your dirt.
You can grab some PVC pipes, insert your survival food, and bury the pipes underneath your garden for safe keeping.
4 – Inside The Shampoo Bottle
Old, solid-colored plastic bottles (think shampoo, conditioner and body lotion bottles) are often great for storing survival food. Plus, most robbers won’t think to rifle through your shower stuff to look for sustenance.
Keep in mind many bottles have small openings, so you may have to cut off the top, insert your bags of food, and then superglue the top back on. But it’s worth the hassle if you get to keep your food.
5 – Inside Obsolete Technology
If you’ve got outdated computer monitors, radios, or television sets you don’t use anymore, you can hollow them out and put your survival food on the inside. After all, what thief is going to be interested in a TV that doesn’t work?
6 – In The Vent
If you don’t mind one of your rooms being a bit warmer than normal, you can always hide your survival food inside a vent.
7- In The Throw Pillows
Unless a thief is needing some new decor, they’re not likely to steal your throw pillows. These make an ideal hiding spot for storing bags of survival food.
8 – In The Old Boxes
If you’ve got old boxes from your electronics, appliances, pet food, etc. these can make great storage places for survival food. If thieves are looking through your stuff, they’ll most likely assume you just have a bunch of appliances stored up there – not delicious food.
9 – Under The Potted Plants
Potted plants provide an excellent hiding place for storing your survival food. Simply store the food in an airtight container, and place it at the bottom of the pot. Throw some dirt/soil on it, and plant some new flowers. No one will be the wiser.
10 – Inside The Walls
Loose wall panels are a great place to store survival food in. After all, when burglars are in a rush, they typically only grab what’s out, available, and in common places. Which means they’re far less likely to search in the walls.
11 – Under The Floorboards
Much like #10, if you’ve got loose floorboards in your house, these can be a great location to store survival food in. Throw a rug over the panel, and place a table or dresser on top to help prevent theft.
12 – Behind The Bed
Choose a bed with a large headboard, and then pull the bed out about a foot away from the wall. Then, stack buckets and/or boxes of survival food in that space. Take a large blanket, and cover the headboard and survival food with it.

Remeber friends when disaster strikes people will become ruthless and will steal everything you have to ensure there survival. Hiding your survival stores from those who will try to take them is key to surviving any disaster. Stay safe and God bless